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How to choose your wedding hairstyle

Inspiration - What to look for and where to find it

I always recommend to find some inspiration before we meet for our trial. Great places to find beautiful bridal hairstyles are Pinterest, Instagram (bridal focussed pages are great), bridal magazines and google. Look for what catches your eye and makes you smile. Look at people with similar face shapes and or hair colour to your own. Find styles that you’ve always been drawn to and like. If you can find your dress online on different models the different hairstyles worn with them is a great way to see what compliments your dress. Save your favourites to an album on your phone so you can access them easily when showing your hair stylist. If you can’t decide on just one it’s totally okay to have a bunch of different styles saved. Try and minimise it down to 3 favourites so that you and your stylist can go through them together to determine what it is that has drawn you to each style and work together to create the perfect one for you.

Natural hair type

Whether your hair is naturally curly, frizzy, fine, thick, long or short there is a style out there for you. Extensions can be added for extra thickness, length and to help hold the curl. Backcombing and hidden hair pieces can give the illusion your fine hair is fuller. Hair can be smoothed or defined for the naturally frizzy or curly. There are many options for every hair type and we are there for guidance. 

The weather can play an important part in choosing your hair style

We all dream of having perfect weather on our own wedding day. What season are you marrying in? And what is the weather usually like around your date? Think realistically. Is it possible the sun will be shining all day, the temperatures hot and your neck getting too hot with your hair down? Or the wind blowing your beautiful curls out, or the humidity making your hair frizzy.

Mention the season and your concerns at your trial and your stylist can give you options for each of these scenario’s that will suit your hair type and overall look. This may result in planning a back up style or making simple adjustments on the day that won’t change your look too much.

Benefits of each style

Up, down, half-up, half-down, low bun, high bun, ponytail…. I could go on.

Every single style have their pro’s and con’s depending on your preferences. You may hate hair blowing across your face or your ears showing. Maybe you prefer your hair to cover your shoulders or you want it up so that you can see the beautiful detailing on your dress. Do you prefer smooth, simple hair or messier more detailed styles? If you start with things you dislike it is much easier to find the styles you do like then the many variants of how that style can be changed to best fit your needs, highlight your dress and ensure you look beautiful.

Have you said YES to your dress?

Try this simple trick at your fitting or at home to help give you an over all look at how different hairstyles will look with your dress.

Put simple soft curls in your hair and have a claw clip, bobby pins and hair tie handy.
Give someone your phone on video mode to stand still at an angle you will see the top of your dress and your hair clearly.

Put your dress on 
You will do each of these steps followed by a slow 360° twirl

1 - Wear your hair down with soft curls around face
2 - Tuck your hair behind your ears and sweep it to fall down your back
3 - Place your hair in a half up style with the claw clip
4 - Twist your hair into a low messy bun with the claw clip or bobby pins
5 - Pull your hair tight into a high ponytail and secure with your hair tie
6 - Create a bun from this ponytail and secure with bobby pins

Once you’ve done each of these steps you can look at the videos and decide which of these styles compliment your dress the most. Which felt most comfortable to wear and most like you. Once you have this decided you can look for inspiration in this style and also let your hair stylist play with the many different variants of this style. If you can’t decide which looked best you can show your hair stylist the video’s at your trial and we will be more than happy to help.

It is most important that you are comfortable in the hair style you choose and you feel like your most beautiful, authentic self.

I hope you found this helpful, please feel free to message me at anytime if you have any questions.