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You have your wedding date set!
Here are some great tips to think about and quite possibly act on now to ensure your hair is in the best shape by the time your wedding comes around.

Decide if you would like to have your hair up or down on your wedding day.

If you decide on having it down you’ll want to think about the current length and if you’ll need to grow it out to match the desired style as soon as possible. If you decide on an up style your hair does not need to be long. Remember - Clip in extensions are an easy option if it’s not growing fast enough or you want some extra thickness. I can help in that area if you need help.

Decide what colour you would like your hair to be as soon as possible

- If you would like to be lighter than you currently are then you want to get onto the lightening process over 12 months out so that it's a slow healthy process and in the best condition and colour come your wedding day.
- If you decide to go darker start this process from 4-6 months before the big day as it needs to be done a few times to hold on to previously lightened hair and also gives you time to change your mind and go lighter again incase you decide you don't love it.

Get regular hair cuts

Small trims every 8-12 weeks even if you’re trying to grow it longer. This will keep it healthy.

Use salon quality shampoo and conditioner from at least 3 months before the big day

Preferably as soon as possible to ensure your hair is in the best condition. If you use heat tools like hair dryers or straighteners regularly it’s important to be using heat protectant every time. Your hairdresser should be able to recommend the best products for you.